Natural Wines

Pure taste without retouching

Here’s what to do with this progress? Stabilizing additives, filtration, technological standards … Is this really how real wine should be? Adepts of the philosophy of natural wines believe that this gift of nature should not be improved and with the help of modern technologies. True wine is virgin, like the bosom of nature, on which the foot of civilization has not set. Its taste is natural, juicy, bright and not retouched by any additives.

Natural wine is the music of nature, and the winemaker is a talented conductor who helps to reveal this melody of taste

Natural winemaking is not a legal concept. It is not synonymous with organic or biodynamic viticulture, although the principles are very similar. But natural wine is more than that. This is a philosophy, worldview, way of life …

We have great respect for the producers of natural wines, maintain close contacts with them and deliver excellent samples of these products to Latvia.

By opening a bottle of natural wine purchased from Noble Wine, you can be sure:
  • The grapes that gave the juice for this wine were harvested by hand.
  • Only natural yeast, which is present in the grapes itself, participated in the fermentation – and no “gifts from laboratories”.
  • The wonderful moisture that is now poured from the bottle into your glass does not contain enzymes and other additives used by most modern winemakers.
  • In the production of this wine, sulphites were not used or, in extreme cases, very few of them (no more than 30-50 ml per litre). Many people think that giving up sulphites is impossible – the wine will not be stored for a long time and will lose stability, but this is not the case.
  • Wine was created in the same way as before, when winemakers had not yet reached progress: without filtration, clarification and other technical manipulations.
  • Most likely, the wine was aged in an old barrel, the wood of which no longer interacts with the drink and does not add tannins and aromatic substances to it.
All natural wines that we offer you are personally tasted by us. With all responsibility - we recommend

Dario Prinčic 

Dario Prinčic is a top natural wine. Located in Oslavia, on the border of Italy and Slovenia, this lovely family-run winery has been one of the initiators of orange wines in Italy. Farming biodynamically since 1988, Dario established his winery in 1993 and bottled his first wines. All his whites undergo a long skin maceration, they ferment in open vats and age in used Slovenian barrels resulting in super complex, intense, flavourful, deep wines.


Movia winemakers believe that wine is the second most important drink that a person consumes, therefore considering their work honorable and, above all, very responsible. Movia considers that the taste that nature itself can give to us is always better than the one with human interventions, so they leave the necessary amount of work up to nature that creates the admirable characteristics of wine. 


This specific Movia’s Gorška Bra wine holds the characteristic aroma of honey, white flowers and yellow plums from, with soft cream nuances. The taste is balanced, fresh, round with nuances of caramelized lemon peel. Long and fresh aftertaste!


The amount of energy invested in Stanko Radikon’s wine and bottles makes his wines unique! Stanko Radikon Winery is located on the Slovenian border. Since 1995 Radikon has completely abandoned the use of chemicals in wine production, but in 2002 they stopped adding sulfites to wine. In the same year, they created two types of bottles and corks that ensure better aging of the wine and make it easier to drink. The grapes are harvested by hand, the fermentation lasts for about four months, after which the wine is aged for three years in large wooden barrels and afterwards in bottles for a year and only then being sold. In the end, a surprisingly complex and deep wine is obtained, which is suitable for storing for many years .