Gift Cards

Give a choice!

It so happens that you do not know the tastes of the person to whom you are going to surprise, or you just have no time to choose a gift from the large assortment of our store (which is over 500 types of wines). Get a Noble Wine Gift Card and you definitely won’t be mistaken.

Such a card is a magical portal to the universe of noble drinks with the ability to choose exactly what the recipient of the gift likes. Champagne? Burgundy? Armagnac? Or maybe a set of elegant glasses? You don’t have to guess what will please the addressee the most. He will decide for himself.

You can choose from three options for Noble Wine Gift Cards:

  • For wine and accessories. You just need to decide on the value of the gift (there are no restrictions in this regard), and the recipient himself will choose a drink or something from the accessories for this amount. Of course, our sommeliers will be happy to help him.
  • For wine tastings and other events. Or maybe you want to present something more original? Give emotions and impressions! Noble Wine is not only a shop, but also a kind of club that unites wine connoisseurs. The owner of the gift card will be able to go to a tasting, master class or gastronomic evening. This is not forgotten. Your gift will be remembered more than once – with delight!
  • To study at a wine school. Are you sure that the addressee does not just love wine, but is seriously passionate about this topic? Well, now you know exactly what to present to him! A gift card for studying at the Noble Wine School is a ticket to an exciting journey through the world of wine, which will be interesting both for experienced connoisseurs and for those who have just begun to comprehend the secrets of Dionysus.

You can buy any Noble Wine gift card in our shop on Elizabetes 33-13.

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