Wine for your wedding

It is hard to imagine any wedding without champagne, toasts dedicated to the newlyweds and wine, which is generously drunk for the happiness of the new couple. When preparing for this celebration, many questions always arise: where to buy, what to choose from the huge variety of drinks and how many bottles to plan in the budget?


And now in turn. Let’s start with sparkling wines. There are many different options here:



Champagne is the most excellent drink of all sparkling wines, it is traditionally of high quality, it is prestigious and always improves the mood perfectly. The only downside is the price of champagne. It is the most expensive choice among sparkling wines, but weddings are also very important celebrations for which we do not spare the best!


For weddings, we recommend choosing not vintage champagne (without a specific vintage), but a base drink or blanc de blanc (from 100% Chardonnay variety). Such champagne is perfect for an aperitif, together with appetizers and in general can be used with food throughout the celebration.

In terms of price, there will be sparkling wines made according to the traditional method both in Champagne and in other regions of France or European countries. Look out for the French light refreshing cremans and the more pronounced Spanish cava (cava) with a hint of fruit.

But if you are fond of Proseco with a soft fruity taste, then perhaps it is not worth experimenting and celebrating this important day with Italian wine. Just remember that Proseco is always more effervescent and the bubbles evaporate faster than champagne, crema or cava.

The quantity can be calculated as follows:

1 glass of sparkling wine contains about 125-150 ml. For example, let’s assume that everyone will drink 2 glasses in the registry office and 5 glasses at the table in a restaurant. Not everyone will drink wine, but someone will drink more, so on average we count 7 glasses per person: 7 x 125 ml = 875 ml, which roughly corresponds to 1.2 bottles (750 ml) per person. Add to the total number a couple of bottles for “unforeseen expenses” – gifts, prizes, redemption, and, of course, 1-2 bottles for the newlyweds’ breakfast.


The next stage is regular (not sparkling) wines. It would be better to choose one of the universal wines – new, with uncomplicated fruit nuances, as well as with a not too high alcohol level, so that the wine is easy to drink and suitable for various dishes on the table.

For calculations, remember: 1 bottle with a volume of 750 ml – that’s 5-6 glasses of wine. If your menu has 5 courses, you should count 5 glasses per guest, so about 1 bottle per guest. Add a couple more bottles to the total number just in case, yes, the wine will have a special taste.




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