Luzzatto is a wine project born of the collaboration between Batasiolo, a historic winery in northern Italy, and Rabbi J. Belinow from Milan. Their goal was to produce and bottle a quality kosher product in one of the best wine regions in the world.

It is the perfect union that combines the care of the vineyards in the Langhe, which grow the authentic grape varieties of the Batasiolo family winery, using modern methods of wine production in accordance with the rules of kosher food processing. Thus, this union managed to attract consumers to a distinctive, authentic and unique taste.

The wines are produced under the supervision of the Orthodox Union, and are kosher. This organization communicates its requirements and sends inspectors to production. Thanks to this, the winery received the right to write the OU-P symbol on its wine labels, which confirms the certification of the product “Kosher for Passover”.

Kosher UO-P symbols

Jewish law sets out a number of requirements for food and how it is prepared. Translated from Hebrew, the word “kosher” means “fit.” For wine to be considered kosher, Sabbath-keeping Jews must control the entire wine-making process, from the moment the grapes are ground to the bottling, and any ingredients used must be kosher.

Luzzatto wines, according to the winemaker himself, are created with respect to the history and traditions of their region, constantly searching for the harmony of traditional taste and modern trends. The Beni di Batasiolo wine estate is the story of the Doljani family. For five generations, the family has grown grapes and produced wines in the Italian region of Langhe, home of the noble wine Barolo. In this region, hidden by constant fogs, the Doljani family has experienced many changes over the past fifty years – more than in the centuries of the entire history of the region.

In 1978, the Doljani family acquired the historic Kiola winery in the world famous Nebbiolo grape growing area and today creates the finest wines in Piedmont.

2020 Barbera d’Alba DOC is a rich, balanced and enveloping red wine that is versatile and suitable for different occasions. The fruity and slightly balsamic note of the Barbera grape perfectly complements the taste of jerky and various types of cheese.

2020 Langhe Chardonnay DOC is an interpretation of the world’s most famous white Chardonnay grape. This variety seems to absorb the taste of the local

land, providing an elegant style of wine. Lange’s mineral soil, rich in limestone, gives the wine a perfumed note of white flowers and a marine character. It is ideal with fish dishes, pasta and risotto.

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