Coravin was created by California resident Greg Lambrecht – he came up with the idea during his wife’s pregnancy. He was a real wine lover, but did not want to open a bottle alone. That’s when he came up with Coravin’s idea: to taste wine without opening a bottle …

After several years of research, Coravin was formed. This system is truly revolutionary: equipped with a very thin needle, Coravin enters the bottle through the stopper without allowing air to enter, thanks to the introduction of an inert gas – argon – which prevents oxygen from entering the bottle. Then the Coravin system starts pumping out the wine. Once the required amount of wine has been poured, the cork regains its shape and allows the bottle to be stored closed. Testing shows that the tastings carried out with Coravin allow the wine to retain its taste, without deteriorating due to the oxidation that begins when the bottle is opened.

This revolutionary invention, which went on sale in 2013, is fast becoming popular not only among professionals, but also among wine lovers. Now Coravin is also in the wine gallery Noble Wine and will be able to buy it for personal use.

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