Corporate celebrations and events

Take an exciting journey through Europe with your team with a glass of wine

The Covid-19 team has brought its own adjustments to their daily lives. We are so sad after joint meetings when in an informal atmosphere it is possible to talk about everything on the heart, except work, to get together and get to know each other better.


Noble Wine’s on-line tasting will allow you to see familiar faces, meet and chat without leaving your living room and with a glass of wine in your hands, while traveling through vineyards all over Europe and having a good time.

On-line tasting is:

  • Opportunity to unite and strengthen the team;
  • Celebrate an event or achievement together;
  • A motivating gift for a department or team;
  • Delivery of wine and snacks to your doorstep.

Indicative fee for on-line tasting:


  • Sommelier service fee
  • 5 different wine samples are poured into 100ml bottles and the bottle is filled with argon gas to prevent damage

Price with VAT included

200 EUR

16 EUR per person

Additional costs

  • Snack set
  • Individual delivery of samples and snacks

Price with VAT included

8 EUR per person

4 EUR one adress

Events or on-site tastings

However, if you want to meet in person, the Noble Wine team can organize a party at the Noble Wine Bar, other restaurants or guest houses.

We offer:

  • Wine tasting under the guidance of a certified sommelier;
  • Wine tasting;
  • Snacks with wine
  • Informative materials;
Do you still doubt that it can be really exciting? Contact us and you will be able to participate in one of the tastings for free!

Indicative fee for off-line tasting for up to 12 people *:


  • Sommelier service fee
  • 5 different wines

Price with VAT included

200 EUR

18 EUR per person

Additional costs

  • Snack set
  • Noble Wine Bar Green room (up to 8 people)
  • Noble Wine School (up to 24 persons)
  • Noble Wine Bar room (up to 12 people)

Price with VAT included

 Starting 8 EUR per person

50 EUR / hour (min.100 EUR)

50 EUR / hour (min.100 EUR)

50 EUR / h (min.100 EUR), not on the bar on a working day

Snacks we offer:

  • Cheese selection
  • Meat selection
  • Various pins
  • Snacks from the best restaurants in Riga

Noble Wine Premises

Noble Wine Bar Room (up to 12 people)


Here you can enjoy a glass of wine, complemented by seasonal dishes or snacks with your partners or colleagues. Unique and unexpected flavors combined with great wine! We provide excellent service for both those who are just beginning to explore the exciting world of wine, and experienced wine connoisseurs.

Noble Wine Bar Green Room (up to 8 people)


Down the stairs from our wine bar is the Green Room with a very private atmosphere for up to 10 people. An exclusive and pleasant space for private wine events or productive business meetings.

Noble Wine School (up to 24 people)


The Wine School is a delightful private space on the second floor of Noble Wine. With wine cards and books, the full class is designed for up to 40 people. It is perfect for large events, corporate meetings or birthday parties.


Contact our manager Ronalds Petersons by phone +37125966298 or e-mail He will take care of the best offer that fully meets your requirements.