Noble Wine for Corporate Clients

Exceeding your expectations
  • Original gifts for VIP-clients and business partners
  • Unique packaging and engraving – including with your logo
  • Corporate events, wine selection, sommelier services

Corporate identity is not only an element of your company’s image, but also an effective tool for increasing customer and business partner loyalty. Use Noble Wine services to …

  • increase the success of negotiations on an important issue;
  • gain the favor of a significant person;
  • congratulate a valuable client, top manager of your enterprise or business partner on an important event;
  • individually thank your partners for successful cooperation.
By the way, you don't have to wait for the holiday. Gratitude or just an expression of attention is a sufficient reason for presenting a wine surprise.
How to congratulate? We have many ideas

Busy people find it difficult to find time to choose gifts and organize corporate events, and secretaries and assistants cannot always be relied on in such matters. The ideas of Noble Wine will help to solve the problem at the highest level. For example:

  • Vintage Armagnac De Montal, born in the same year as the recipient of the gift. Or Armagnac, which is more than a century old. Our collection includes De Montal since 1893.
  • Solid magnums, unusual bottles and gift sets of noble drinks.
  • Noble Wine Gift Cards are the perfect way to please the most discerning person, because he chooses his own gift.
  • An exciting tour of the Old World wineries.
  • Master classes at the Noble Wine school.
Presenting elegant accessories from a famous brand will be a beautiful gesture. It can be:
  • luxurious Lehmann glasses and decanters – including engraved with your congratulations, logo, signature;
  • classic corkscrews Laguiole – made of silver, malachite, turquoise, thuja, juniper, camel bone, buffalo horn and even mammoth tusk.
  • revolutionary Coravin and Zzysh bottle opening system.
  • Pulltex wine accessories.

And we just started sharing ideas!

Be stylish – congratulate with Noble Wine

Corporate Events

Sommelier services, rental of Lehmann Glass, selection of dishes for drinks, interactive tastings and other wine events for guests – all this will increase the level of the corporate event. We will help you organize a large celebration in honor of the anniversary of the company, and a stormy holiday for the team, and a business dinner in a club atmosphere, and a memorable presentation. And even a team building or training seminar.

After all, as they say, a coffee break is good, but a glass of wine is definitely better!