Dive deep into the innovative technology and science that brought Coravin to life

Any connoisseur of wine at least once thought about how convenient it would be to drink a glass of wine, and then return it to the shelf to taste it again another time or watch how it matures and develops.

With the Coravin system it became possible! Coravin is a revolutionary way to discover wine that lets you enjoy it … without opening the bottle! Discover the world of wine from a new perspective:

  • Get the opportunity to drink even the finest wine in your collection by the glass.
  • Watch the development of wine from year to year using the example of one bottle.
  • Host unique tastings as you explore wine regions, winemaking philosophies, and different harvests.

How does Coravin work?

The Coravin system is equipped with a thin but strong needle that penetrates the bottle cork and feeds in an inert gas argon, pushing the wine out and at the same time preventing oxygen from entering, spoiling the wine. In addition, the cork itself, due to its natural properties, prevents the ingress of air by tightening and taking its original shape after you have poured the wine and pulled out the needle, allowing you to store the wine and enjoy it for a long time.

Noble Wine is the official representative of Coravin in Latvia