Ernest Hemingway, “A holiday that is always with you”: “I ate oysters that strongly gave off the sea, cold white wine washed away a light metallic taste, and then there was only the taste of the sea and the sensation of a juicy mass in the mouth; and swallowed cold juice from each shell, washed it down with tart wine, and this feeling of emptiness disappeared, and I felt happy and began to make plans. ”

In order to choose the right wine for oysters, you need to remember a few simple rules. First, exclude red wines – tannins can make the oyster taste unpleasant, too “iron”. Secondly, remember that oysters themselves have a clean, salty and quite pronounced taste, and wine should not interrupt, drown out their taste. Therefore, you should choose a weak and unsaturated wine that has not been aged in a barrel. Another tip to heed is that if you can’t choose from white wines, go for a sparkling wine like a French cremant. This is definitely a win-win! And the last – and foremost – rule: the selected wines must be of the correct temperature.

Five Oyster Wines from Noble Wine

1 “Chateau-Thebaud” Muscadet Sevre et Main Sur Lie

Produced in the village of Maisdon-sur-Sevre at the Domaine de la Pepiere, the white wine “Chateau-Thebaud” Muscadet Sevre et Main Sur Lie has an elegant aroma with notes of lime, grass, flint and chalk. Its dry, juicy taste with high acidity and nuances of citrus, stone and salt is perfect for large, salty oysters on the Atlantic coast of France.

2 Chablis 1er Cru “Les Fourneaux”

Domaine Louis Moreau winery produces wines of a unique style, characterized by minerality, subtlety, elegance and purity of taste. One of these wines is the bright Chablis 1er Cru “Les Fourneaux”, which has notes of minerals, fresh fruits and bergamot. The grapes for this wine are grown on soil that was once the bottom of the sea and is therefore full of minerals and fossils. This is probably why Chablis 1er Cru “Les Fourneaux” is universal and will suit almost all types of oysters.

3 Etna Bianco D.O.C.

Juicy wine Etna Bianco D.O.C. with the aroma of green apple, pear and minerals, produced at the Benanti winery on the slopes of Mount Etna, it is quite versatile and will suit different types of oysters. The delicate taste of this wine, which has hints of green apple, citrus and salinity, and an elegant aftertaste will be a wonderful addition to a seafood dinner.

4 Cuvée No 740

For more meaty and full-bodied oysters, we recommend choosing Cuvée No.740 from the legendary producer Champagne Jacquesson. This elegant wine has rich fruity notes with nuances of citruses, green apples and minerals, as well as a long aftertaste. Remember that sparkling wines are a great accompaniment to oysters.

5 Brut Blanc de Blancs

A safe choice for oysters is Champagne. We recommend Brut Blanc de Blancs from Diebolt Vallois. This sparkling, elegant wine with a pleasant fruity-floral aroma has a harmonious fruity taste and high acidity, so it goes well with saltier oysters.