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Wine for a delicious Easter!

Easter is fast approaching, and we have already prepared a cheat sheet to make your holiday even more enjoyable. We


Bordeaux: how to figure it out and enjoy it

A hand in the store would be glad to reach for a bottle of Bordeaux, but stereotypes press on the brain: Bordeaux is a monotonous and boring sour thing, but for the same money you can buy a chic Chilean. In fact, here’s what: in the Bordeaux region, many different wines are made, and not only red ones, by the way. Among all this, it is really possible to find pleasant things, and it is also really possible not to get confused in all the diversity. We will help you.

(Not) just a cork

Has it ever happened to you, looking at the wine-lined shelves of wine boutiques or supermarkets, to succumb to an involuntary temptation and suspect some kind of “conspiracy theory” emanating from the entire world wine-making community? And the point is not in the endless variety of wine styles, but in the corks with which these wines are corked.


Jura – a place for hipsters-winemakers

On a chilly November day, the friendly team of Noble Wine landed at Geneva airport to travel to a small wine-growing region called Jura, located in eastern France, between Burgundy and Switzerland. This region produces quite specific wines, “wines for an amateur”, the originality of which delights and frightens off. Well, there is no dispute about tastes, as they say! In this article, we would like to share our personal impressions of exploring such a wonderful region, with its picturesque vineyards and unique wines.


Rioja wines are getting a new classification system

While the whole world is undergoing drastic change, the world of wine is stable. Stability somewhat similar to stagnation. For example, most wine snobs still prefer old-fashioned bottle caps, although screw caps have proven successful over the past 50 years. And did you know that we still determine the value of Bordeaux wines from a 160-year-old judgment? So when the Rioja Consejo Regulador (wine commission) announced the introduction of a new classification system, it caused a great deal of stir!


The sea beauty of the Arcashon Bay

We invite you to go to one of the most interesting places in the south of France – the Arcachon Gulf (fr. Bassin d’Arcachon) of the Atlantic Ocean, a real paradise for oyster lovers! Along its 90 kilometres of sandy shores, there are 23 oyster ports and 322 oyster farms, producing over 9,000 tons of oysters every year!

Wine for oysters: five safe solutions

Oysters and wine are a great combination. If, of course, you choose the right wine. Our sommeliers have prepared some simple tips and a list of five win-win solutions – wines that are perfect for this dish.