Banquets, Weddings And Other Celebrations

Add sparkling mood

The mood for a good holiday is like a perlage: emotions like bubbles in champagne, shine in the light of lights, spin in a waltz and slightly make dizzy. Delight! An exquisite wine list and elegant presentation turn the eventinto a social event, increasing the prestige of the celebration. Are you not sure that you can independently solve a difficult problem like choosing noble drinks for a special occasion? Noble Wine sommeliers will come to the rescue!

The consultation includes:
  • recommendations on the choice of wine and other spirits for your event (as a rule, the ratio of champagne and other drinks at a wedding and other drinks at a wedding and at a corporate party is different);
  • calculation of the recommended volume of drinks;
  • advice on choosing dishes to match your preferred wines.
Individual service and original wine theme

You will not surprise anyone with a master of ceremonies at a wedding, the hosts at a corporate event, too, but a professional sommelier will highlight your party from a series of festive events.

To make the holiday definitely remain in the memory of guests, add an interactive wine tasting and souvenirs to the program, hold a celebration in an unusual format:

  • wine dinner;
  • wine wedding;
  • Express wine tasting;
  • Wine and art;
Do you want to add luxury? Order in Noble Wine Lehmann Glass - you can not only buy but also rent them.
Surprise and delight guests with Noble Wine

Are you intrested?

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